Mission Support Squadron Commander


C/Capt Emma Unferdorfer

Mission Support Squadron First Sergeant


C/SMSgt Rebeckah Austin

Kitty Hawk Air Society President


C/2Lt Maddie Perkins

Officer in Charge of Logistics:


C/2Lt Austin Reeves

NCOIC of Logistics:


C/TSgt George Lesak

Assistant NCOIC of Logistics


C/SSgt Ashley Lovingood

Assistant NCOIC of Logistics


C/SSgt Autumn Lovingood

Assistant NCOIC of Logistics


C/SSgt Earl Enjejo

Assistant NCOIC of Logistics


C/SSgt Ian Fonville

Officer in Charge of Personnel


C/2Lt Maddie Brammer 

NCOIC of Personnel


C/TSgt Tyler Townsend

Officer in Charge of Wings


C/2Lt Zoe Amba

NCOIC of Wings


C/TSgt Hockman

Assistant NCOIC of Wings


C/SSgt Laura Colby

Officer in Charge of Public Affairs


C/2Lt Haili Winter

NCOIC of Public Affairs


C/TSgt Hockman

Officer in Charge of Accounting


C/2Lt Manuel Aguayo

Assistant NCOIC of Accounting


C/SSgt Sophia Razzo

Airmanship Officer


C/2Lt Jake Jopez

Representative of NHS/HOSA


C/2Lt Elisa Calderon


Community Service Hours

11 April 2016 - 10 April 2017: 12,086 -

A New All Time Record!!!

11 April 2017 - Present: 34 -

Last Update: 14 April 2017

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